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by Seaons

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released February 13, 2016

Initial tracks recorded at the studio at pacifica, Williams, OR.
Engineered by Dennis Dragon and Bret Levick,
Additional tracks recorded with King Monty.
Mastered by Cannon Found Soundation
All music written and produced by Seaons // all rights reserved 2015

"A Storm in The Rocky Mountains, Mt. Rosalie" (1866)
by Albert Bierstadt (1830 - 1902)



all rights reserved


Seaons Medford, Oregon

Aprilis // 2.13.16

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Track Name: Spaces of Heart & Mind
all the world came alive,
a sullen glow, a broken home,
vicious seas, crumbling stone,
overflow, overthrown.

to the sky, off we march,
devoid of hope, a voiceless choir,
ashen water, fallen dawn,
flood our bones in sunken shires.

the spaces of the heart and time.

all the world,
circle on, sing your song.
Track Name: The Full
we had to climb here,
to turn our backs here.

atop the peak we die,
the world will shine,
to hold our eyes,
so we could see forever.

we’re running,
i know we’re running somewhere,
we’re never coming back here,
between the stars and the open sea,
and that’ll just be it,
so the life we lived,
it’s about time to leave.
Track Name: Rain / Garden of Time
the water grows, the water flows,
to wash our eyes,
then unforetold, it takes our souls,
it breaks the mind.

rain on us all, vain as we fall,
and the sun will set to stall.
Track Name: Aprilis Fields
we run to the fields,
plotting nostalgia in my mind.

erratic thoughts and feelings
seek the world we left behind.

now the sun will shine it’s light
on our new home.

oh my love,
won’t you carry me home.

golden life, rushing blood,
all a voracious flood,
foriegn god up above,
failing the half of us,
hummingbird, sing a song,
waking the final dawn,
carry on, live along,
we’re counting the world down,

see the fields, see the sky,
see everything alight,
don’t forget, realize,
we are the ones alive,
we are still alive.

we’re counting the suns above,
we’re wishing the stars alight,
we’re hoping to hold on,
we’re leaving our marks bright.
Track Name: The Visionary
the boy appears from distant times,
he who bears the sacred mind,
all the years have passed his eyes,
awoken now, to shed his shine.

always at our side,
he could be our guide.

sadly spiral on, all until the dawn,
and all along, he’s not alone.

the visionary afterlife,
the visionary afterworld,
all the history is sound,
melodies of the hummingbird.

and he spiralled on,
spellbound to the song,
then all along, he’s not alone.

from what is unknown,
his vision testifies,
so he cries to the ones above,
as they were burning in his eyes.

the visionary never lies,
all along he lost his mind,
surely there’s an end of time,
and all the vision will go blind.
Track Name: Panic in The Sky
something is out there,
the voices are near,
shadows have taken the premises.

zealously wicked,
the demons appear,
cursing our blood
since the genisis.

mercy of the gods,
there’s a phantom in the sky.

grovelling abyss in a panic
running for our lives.
Track Name: Sleeping Saviors
kneel to our only saviors,
fighting up in the heavens war.

the eyes watch us suffer,
in our due time,
to die, we’ll die,
resting on their lullabye.

saviors, saviors,
dream strong, hold on,
sleepers, sleepers,
ill dawn, so long.

heavens war will take the weaker,
renegades and distant dreamers,
talk of how we can be saviors,
ringing damage to my ears.


heaven sparkles falling from the sky,
glowing, flickering,
everwatchful eyes,
so we kneel to pray,
there’s no use now,
our lives have gone to damn.

but i do believe in
the sleeping saviors,
the angels who lead us through
all of heaven’s doors,
yes i do believe
in the sleeping saviors,
the angels who dream in the stars.lightstreams, lightstreams,
caelum, lux sit,
fiends, the fiends,
saeclum, in caelis.

people talk through lowly whispers,
prayers that knock on
the battledoor.
Track Name: Tick & Twirl
we’re losing track of time in this world,
and it only makes the time tick and twirl,
if you’re gonna put us all in line,
please give us a sign, please give us a sign.

i don’t know where else to go,
as we die alone in the caves below,
cast a light upon the stone
that we call the shrine, give us a sign.

scowling in the night,
piercing demon eyes, creatures of the cold,
solely running for the light,
please give us a sign, give us a sign.
Track Name: Doom
saviors scorched and scattered by the deafening durge,
abandoning their chorus in a hellfire purge.

the hopeless are infected with malicious rage,
callous and defective in the demon’s grave.

well our souls are burned,
and our heads are turned,
we’ll fall to our tombs,
cause we are doomed.

whispers in the forest as the boy returns,
swimmiing through a plexus of immortal burns.

eyes of aprilis,
reign down to us all,
and tonight they will kill us,
together we fall.

well our souls are burned,
and our heads are turned,
we’re leaving soon,
cause we are doom.
Track Name: Revolution of Aprilis
you would not believe the sight we saw
as we crossed our planet’s edge,
sun and moon would slow into a stall,
the war that we could never win.

they don’t care what happened to us,
so we watch them die,
but revolution of aprilis,
we will survive.

there is nothing to regret,
cause we are scarred,
well they watched it all begin,
as they safely laid afar
laughing under the stars.


hiding from reality,
wishing for my own,
everything is upside down.

fighting for humaity,
fading off the globe,
hummingbird just sits and stares.
Track Name: Aprilis Moon
oh, we’ll climb up from
the valley to the moon,
high above aprilis moon.
Track Name: Nostalgia
nostalgia, nostalgia,
love reminds us where to hide,
where to fly.

nostalgia, nostalgia,
in my heart, and in my mind,
please give me a sign.