Sun Gun

by The Seaons

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The sun is incredibly powerful,
perpetually illuminating all the world,
it is key to the balance of life,
whereas a world without, would surely not sustain,
the sun is at no one’s will,
it is an untainted force.
imagine you hold the power of the sun in your own hands.
it’s rays, weaponized to vivify your surroundings,
you hold the cure to a sad, and poisoned world,
a mechanism of sheer virtue,
the sun gun.


released 28 April 2013



all rights reserved


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The Seaons Medford, Oregon

The Seaons (see-ons) are a young Southern Oregon Indie Rock band playing original songs. Their influences range from Coldplay to Fleet Foxes. In addition, their sound has been characterized as a cross between Yes and Emerson Lake and Palmer by some of the more “seasoned” listeners. ... more

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Track Name: VII
heaven, why do we wait?
why do we hate?
seven, one number away,
the devil counts those days.

the sky, the signs.
well it’s all gone.

and i know my love will come home,
she will come home.

see it go, see the guns,
all the war has begun,
wait for it, wake the sun,
god i hope for a one.

i took my sins and i let them go,
i took my sins and i never came home.
Track Name: Busy, Busy
walkin’ on a thin line,
never see the sun shine,
too blind to ever know that you’ve got to let it go
you can realize.

i don’t know a lot, but i know i’m runnin’,
up, lookin up, feelin’ like i’m ready to go,
got a plot goin’ for me.

feeling out of touch,
never feeling much.

this city isn’t worth it,
this city is for burnin’,
everyone so busy how they always say
they need to be workin’.

working out a sun,
surely out of love,
hoping for enough.

the city will be workin’,
people will be runnin’,
everyone so busy busy,
never have to worry ‘bout nothin’.
Track Name: Love is All Around Us
beyond a lover's bloodshot eyes
another ocean opens wide,
our love is sick but still alive.

then all our hearts would radiate
and melt the sadness we create,
only then could we survive.

let's turn around,
before we drown.

this love is all around us.

staring idly at the sky,
love has almost passed us by,
still we watch it fade away.

and all our prospects wearing thin
we don't know where to begin
or where we might have gone astray.

we crave, we strive, to feel alive.

this love is all around us.

wait for tomorrow, lay in sorrow,
alone you waste, this is no fate.

this love all around us.
Track Name: Firelight Glow
i tend to crawl out of holes,
and i make my living from my soul,
don’t make it hard, cause that gets old,
this is the world that we know.

let’s walk into a firelight glow,
cause I’m looking for trouble wherever i go.

there’s a life i have known,
where we are running from our homes.

Track Name: Headstrong
take care of your self-reflections,
despair, leave all complications,
now it’s all gone
and your life will separate
into love.

no more bottom of the food chain,
headstrong lovers in the fastlane.

there’s a lot to see and become
in this world we grow,
but if we take the time to believe
someday we will know
the vast negotiation of life
Track Name: Sun Gun
well cry if you want,
but i will run, i will run home.
eyes on the sun,
fill my lungs with courage.

i never saw my love again,
done in the hour, what could have been.
eyes on the sun and on my skin,
time surely long spread our lives so thin.

eyes on the sun,
light on the run,
lies on someone,
bring all your guns.
Track Name: The Chariot
all we know is hold,
hold to carry our load,
high to low we go
as if a chariot on a road.

find question marks
that mark our hearts,
we will love.

save our souls, our souls,
lovely chariot we know,
all we ever hoped,
to live to carry on our souls.

eyes, cross my heart,
from the start,
we will love.
Track Name: The Seasons Are in Control
all the seasons change the way we feel,
what’s the reason with the world?
what’s the deal?

signs will vacantly pass,
because our eyes are fault to past.

i saw the winter, her mother kept the heat,
she felt her body explode to crystal sheets.

then her mother rose,
to rid the earth of cold.

the seasons always change
how we see the world and it’s ways,
but people stay in place
as the atmosphere revolves and we age,
someday we will leave
and the planet will disolve all our skins,
and love will recreate
and the seasons will restore as we fade.

the seasons are in control.
Track Name: Simplicity Never Ever
looking for the stars in september
is like finding cloudy skies in the summer,
the world will cleanse our eyes all together,
all too late we try to remember.

don’t make it all about you,
don’t make it all about the truth.

simplicity, never ever,
looking for a sign of a lover,
all the moments we had together,
we do just as fine without eachother.

so i waited for you like i’d move,
so i hated all the time we took,
like it came into our eyes we shook
over love.
Track Name: Kaky
kaky’s on the run,
look how far she’s gone, it’s true,
growin’ up was fun
and she ran so far.

well my love will come shinin’ her way.

and i know she’ll be coming back home,
and i know over time we move on,
but my love still come shinin’ her way.

and my love will come shinin’ her way.
Track Name: Forevermore
the skies shine on the earth,
an illuminating sight takes birth.
the ice drips on the dirt,
an illusive state of light, forevermore.

go ahead and throw your time out the door,
cause rest assured you’ll find forevermore,
as life grows.

the light of sudden birth
can show you what you’ll find,
if you look at first,
but then you’ll know.

life rests on the shore,
yours is just as good as mine,
looking for the open door.